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Tutorials should help newbies or other users in general to get ideas how to solve problems with a specific tasks.

To save existing examples and tutorials and to keep them in sync, I put up a TutorialTemplate? in a style I found on the PmWiki? website and very useful for me as a newbie. If you want to contribute your examples, you can copy the TutorialTemplate?, modify it and upload your source code if available. Others will certainly profit. I hope this will release Robert, Don and others who explain some questions over and over again in the Mailing-List, if they can just point to a tutorial page.

Rainer Oder

cvs -d login
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cvs -d co osgExamples

 * [wiki:Community/People/RoyDavies Roy Davies'] tutorial for [ OpenSceneGraph with OSGExp]

 * [wiki:Community/People/RainerOder Rainer Oder's] and [wiki:Community/People/GerardKrol Gerard Krol's] [Tutorials/LinuxCpp Linux/C++ kick-off tutorial]

 * [wiki:Support/UserGuides OpenSceneGraph User Guides ] search as tutorial on various !OpenSceneGraph applications and tools

 * [wiki:Community/People/NathanCournia Nathan Cournia's] [ osgmanylights.tar.gz] - An example of using `osgUtil::RenderStage` for multipass rendering.

 * [wiki:Community/People/DonBurns Don Burns']  - User guide for the [ UFO Camera Manipulator ] in osgviewer

 * [wiki:Community/People/LeandroMottaBarros Leandro Motta Barros's] OSG Examples: some examples I created (technically I'm still creating them) while learning OSG. Most of them are pretty well commented, and I think they are simpler than the "standard" examples distributed with OSG. May be useful for someone else. Last update: November 8th 02006. [].

 * [wiki:Community/People/LeandroMottaBarros Leandro Motta Barros's] ODE Demo: a little Open Dynamics Engine ([ ODE]) example that uses OSG for visualization. []. Updated on November 9th 02006 (fixed a silly error in the main loop, that caused the simulation to explode depending on the frame rate.) 2007-05-02 patch by Hans Ulrich Niedermann to use osgViewer instead of osgProducer: [ LMBs_ODE_Demo-osgViewer.patch]

 * [wiki:Community/People/FabioMierlo Fabio Mierlo's]  High Dynamic Range examples: this examples demonstrate the use of GL_NV_float_buffer extension with OSG. []

 * [wiki:Community/People/MarcoJez Marco Jez] - [Tutorials/LoadingProgress osgDB loading progress]: a simple progress bar for osgDB

 * [wiki:Community/People/TaoJi TaoJi's] - [ FLMNWaRe OpenSceneGraph Tutorial ], wrote in Chinese.

 * [wiki:Community/People/EricWing Eric Wing] - [Tutorials/MacOSXTips Mac OS X Tips ]