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Tutorials should help newbies or other users in general to get ideas how to solve problems with a specific tasks. They differ from examples because tutorials come with a written or spoken (video tutorial) guidance through the code. Please feel free to add new tutorials if you find something that is not covered or for your own examples.


Tutorials aimed at first time users of OpenSceneGraph looking for some introductory tutorials.


Tutorials that go in depth into more specific topics.

Miscellaneous tutorials

Tutorials that are platform specific or go into integrating other libraries with OSG.


External examples

  • OSG Examples: some examples I created while learning OSG. Most of them are pretty well commented, and I think they are simpler than the "standard" examples distributed with OSG. May be useful for someone else. Last update: November 8th 02006. (by Leandro Motta Barros)
  • High Dynamic Range examples: this examples demonstrate the use of GL_NV_float_buffer extension with OSG. (by Fabio Mierlo)

Tutorials/examples that need their links fixed or need to be added to this Wiki.

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  • Three introductory tutorials written in Chinese. Direct link not available anymore, but the tutorials are still available in an VRDEV-OSG-STUDY-KIT-1.0.iso (230 Mb!) which also contains collected data on osgExp, Delta3D and the NPS tutorials. (by TaoJi)