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Tutorials should help newbies or other users in general to get ideas how to solve problems with a specific tasks. Please feel free to add new tutorials if you find something that is not covered or for your own examples.

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  • Leandro Motta Barros's OSG Examples: some examples I created (technically I'm still creating them) while learning OSG. Most of them are pretty well commented, and I think they are simpler than the "standard" examples distributed with OSG. May be useful for someone else. Last update: November 8th 02006.
  • Leandro Motta Barros's ODE Demo: a little Open Dynamics Engine (ODE) example that uses OSG for visualization. Updated on November 9th 02006 (fixed a silly error in the main loop, that caused the simulation to explode depending on the frame rate.) 2007-05-02 patch by Hans Ulrich Niedermann to use osgViewer instead of osgProducer: LMBs_ODE_Demo-osgViewer.patch
  • TaoJi's - Three introductory tutorials written in Chinese. Direct link not available anymore, but the tutorials are still available in an VRDEV-OSG-STUDY-KIT-1.0.iso (230 Mb!) which also contains collected data on osgExp, Delta3D and the NPS tutorials.