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Updated 3D database plugin list with more info


There are 45 plugins in the core OpenSceneGraph distribution, and these provide the support for reading and writng both native and 3rd Party file formats, details on follow. Futher plugins are available in the Community Plugins section.

Invoking a plugin to load or save data The OpenSceneGraph database plugin library osgDB automatically loads plugins on demand, using the extension of the file to specify which plugin to load.

osgviewer cow.osg

load the osgdb_osg plugin to read a .osg file

osgviewer model.flt

load the osgdb_flt plugin to read a .flt file

When programming to read a file use the follow API:

osg::ref_ptr<Node> node = osgDB::readNodeFile("cow.osg");
osg::ref_ptr<Image> image = osgDB::readImageFile("lz.rgb");

To write a file use the follow API:

osgDB::writeNodeFile(*node, "saved.osg");

List of available 3d database plugins

Plugin name Description Extensions Read Write Notes
3dc 3DC point cloud reader .3dc .asc yes no
3ds 3D Studio .3ds yes no
ac3d AC3D modeler .ac yes yes
bsp Quake3 BSP .bsp yes no
dae COLLADA 1.4.x .dae yes yes
dw Design Workshop Database .dw yes no
dxf Autodesk DXF Reader .dxf yes no
geo Geo .gem .geo yes no
Inventor Open Inventor format .iv .wrl yes yes .wrl Only VRML1.0
ive Native osg binary .ive yes yes May also read/write (internal) images
logo Logo database .logo yes no
lwo Lightwave Object .lwo .lw .geo yes no
lws Lightwave Scene .lws yes no
md2 Quake MD2 .md2 yes no
obj Alias Wavefront .obj yes yes Also writes materials to .mtl
ogr .ogr yes no
Openflight Multigen Openflight .flt yes yes See OpenFlight plugin details
osg Native osg ascii .osg yes yes
pfb Performer loader All extensions supported by Performer loaders yes no Requires Performer library
vrml VRML2 .wrl yes no Requires OpenVRML library
x DirectX 3D model .x yes no

List of available movie & image plugins

  • tga
  • tiff
  • quicktime
  • rgb
  • pic
  • png
  • pnm
  • bmp
  • dds
  • gdal
  • gif
  • jp2
  • jpeg
  • mpeg

List of available archive/networking plugins

  • osga
  • txp
  • net
  • zip
  • tgz
  • osgtgz

List of available font plugins

  • freetype

List of available pseudo loader plugins

  • rot
  • scale
  • stl
  • trans