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Initial addition of in-depth user guide topics

User Guides

The user guide section provides details to users on how to use various applications associated with OpenSceneGraph, such as standard viewers, and data processing and conversion tools.

Build system and scripts that come with the OpenSceneGraph distribution

Applications that come with the OpenSceneGraph distribution

  • osgviewer - scene graph viewer
  • osgconv - database conversion tool
  • osgarchive - scene graph archiving tool
  • osgdem - geospecific terrain database generation tool

In-depth topics

Gathered knowledge, wisdom and experiences based on mailing list discussions

Examples that come with the OpenSceneGraph distribution

  • Examples - an overview of the how to run the examples

Plugins that come with the OpenSceneGraph distribution

  • Plugins - an overview of the available reader and writer plugins

Applications available in the Community

  • OSGEdit - scene graph composition tool

Modelling packages with OpenSceneGraph plugins.

  • OSGExp - importer/exporter plugin to 3D Studio Max.
  • osgMaya - importer/exporter plugin to Maya.
  • Blender - script for exporting to .osg ASCII format
  • DGN2OSG - Microstation DGN-importer osg-plugin based on OpenDGN from the OpenDesignAlliance

Configuring OpenSceneGraph based applications

Stereo visualization and the OpenSceneGraph

  • Stereo Settings - Environmental variable and command line settings for using stereo
  • Linux Stereo - tips on how to step up stereo under Linux