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The OpenSceneGraph Support/Documentation section has numerous resources to help you learn about 3D graphics and in particular using OpenSceneGraph. This page is the main index for these resources. Over time we will be adding more resources and writing more in depth and focused programming and reference guides. Help from the community is greatly appreciated.

OpenSceneGraph Books!

Skew-Matrix and Blue-Newt software have joined forces to develop a series of OpenSceneGraph books, the first two books in the series - The Quick Start Guide and OpenSceneGraph Reference Manual - can now be purchased from their website The Quick Start Guide is also available as free pdf download, just follow the links on the osgbooks website. Purchasing books helps fund ongoing documentation efforts so its a great way to help put something back into the project.

Introductory documents

  • Getting Started - introduction into the basics of downloading, compiling installing, running the examples, and writing your first OpenSceneGraph applications.
  • Platform Specifics - documents on platform specific information such compilation guides.
  • Tutorials - tutorials and examples of how to use OpenSceneGraph

User, Programming and Reference Guides

OpenSceneGraph Releases

Latest Development work

Questions and Answers

Papers and presentations

  • SIGGRAPH 2007 OpenSceneGraph Bird of Feather session presentations
  • SIGGRAPH 2006 OpenSceneGraph Bird of Feather session presentations

General information