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Please leave your details below if you are interested in volume rendering with the OpenSceneGraph, with a few notes about your project, what you'd like to see from the osgVolume development, and what you project/group might wish to help contribute to.

Guillaume Poirier <Guillaume.Poirier[at]> - Application development specialist. Interested in: Direct and indirect real-time volume rendering. Acceleration structures for volume rendering. Transparency issues. Non-photorealistic rendering of medical data. Multi-resolution texturing. Mixing DVR and IVR data. Labeling. Measurements.

Thorsten Holtkaemper <thorsten[DOT]holtkaemper[AT]iais[DOT]fraunhofer[DOT].de> - Technical manager of the VRGeo Consortium, which is a consortium for the oil&gas industry doing research on the use of virtual reality technology in modeling hydrocarbon reservoirs. With regard to the volume rendering of seismic data we are interested in non-photorealistic out-of-core technologies for very large data sets (multi-gigabyte). The maintenance of interactive frame rates is critical. Volume roaming, gradient shading, and on-the-fly iso-surface extraction are also of interest.